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News on VPN usage during reduced operation (due to COVID-19)
Due to the basic operation currently implemented on campus, many of our users are in their home office and a VPN connection seems to be indispensable for working.

We as Department 5.I.3 - GA - Network Operation Center see this service of VPN connections as an important part of our critical infrastructure and we do our best to make the service as fail-safe as possible for you. However, due to the current 3 to 4 times higher load compared to normal operation, we are exceptionally „in uncharted territory“ and must get to know the system under these conditions. Please be assured that we will critically observe the system at all times and improve, optimize and stabilize it here and there.

But you can assist us as well to keep the VPN tunnel stable:

Please consider whether a VPN connection is really absolutely necessary for your work at any time - many of the Ruhr-Universität's services can be accessed without a VPN connection! Maybe a VPN connection is not needed permanently, but only for a short period of time? Please also consider that the general speed of normal surfing can naturally be reduced when using a VPN. So please use the VPN tunnel only when it is really needed - otherwise, like on the Deutsche Autobahn, there might be a traffic jam.

In case of problems, please check in advance if all basic settings and basic conditions (home network, virus scanner, firewall settings, …) are really working. Often it helps to trouble shoot if you try a connection via wired network, WLAN or mobile phone - i.e. take a different route.

The IT.SERVICES Service Center will gladly help you with configuration problems of the VPN connection. Please use the ticket system for this purpose:


Your department 5.I.3 - GA - Network Operation Center - Team („NOC“)

Why do I need a VPN connection?

If you do not connect to the University's services from the University network but from outside, you will be denied access to some services. These include services such as some licensed University Library services, the Service Portal for staff members or file servers.

A possible solution is access via a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows you to create a tunnel to the Ruhr-Universität's network. In doing so, all your data traffic will be transferred over an encrypted connection via our VPN server. The encrypted connection protects your data from unauthorised access. During the connection you will receive an IP address from the university network.

A VPN connection offers the user a secure, because encrypted data connection to the university. In addition, his computer is considered to belong to the university network, since he receives an IP address of the university through the tunnel technology used. He can therefore also use services that are restricted to computers with an IP address from the university network.

The VPN tunnel has additional significance in WLAN operation, as it is used specifically for validation purposes.

General information about VPN connections

When reconfiguring your system, we recommend to use OpenVPN. Instructions for reconfiguration can be found here:

On 03.01.2020 the default behavior of the VPN tunnel was changed from Full Tunnel VPN to Split Tunnel VPN. For users of RUB services nothing changes.

To use older University Library services the loginID extension “.bib“ must be added - this means that a “.bib“ must be added after the user name, e.g. „loginID.bib“.

Before using the loginID extension “.bib“, please check if the VPN is needed at all for the desired (library) service providers, or if a more up-to-date authorization for users might be available (such an authorization usually runs under names like AAI-, Shiboleth- or EDU-Login).

If the service provider does not offer such a possibility or has not (yet) activated it for the RUB, please contact the University Library Universitätsbibliothek.

Who can help me with problems?

If you need further assistance, or are stuck, you can always contact the IT.SERVICES service centre:

  • in person at the service centre in IA E095/150
  • by telephone at +49 (0)234 32-24025
  • Fax: +49 (0)234 32-14349
  • E-mail: its-helpdesk@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

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