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Usage of HIRN-Ports

What is a HIRN-PORT?

HIRN-Ports are public available network connection jacks, you can find mostly in lecture rooms, seminar rooms and public areas. They are free to use for all RUB affiliated people as well as DFNRoaming participants.

How to use them?

The only needed things are a network cable for connecting the computer with the jack and a loginID from the Rechenzentrum. On HIRN-Ports, IP addresses will be dynamically assigned. For that, the computer should be configured to use DHCP, what is the default in most cases. Configuration instructions are at the end of this page.

Once the computer is connected to the HIRN-Port using the network cable, the computer has to be unlocked using a Web Browser. Please go to the page login.rub.de. On that page, enter your loginID and the matching password. After authentication the internet can be used.

Terminating the connection

Once you finished your work, it is strongly recommended to log out from the HIRN-Port. For it, you visit login.rub.de again and click on the logout button. Entering your loginID and password is not necessary when logging out.

Even without automatic logout, the session will be terminated after 30 minutes of inactivity. After termination, you have to log in again if you intend to continue using the HIRN-Port.

Configuring DHCP in Windows

For configuring Windows as a DHCP client, open the Network And Sharing Center with a right-click on the network icon in the taskbar. There, click on Adapter Settings in the left menu.

With a right-click on the ethernet connection you open the settings.

Here you choose Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on Settings. Both options should be set to Obtain automatically.